PO Box 302 Sydney Markets NSW 2129

Ph: 02 9325 6011 Fax: 02 9325 6012    


Sunday Night         

08:00pm - 03:00am

Monday Night        

10:00pm - 04:00am

Tuesday Night        

10:00pm - 04:00am

Wednesday Night  

10:00pm - 04:00am

Thursday Night      

10:00pm - 04:00am

Friday Night            

12:30am - 04:00am

Saturday Night       

11:00pm - 04:00am

Monday - Friday

5:00am - 1:00pm

A.B.N 20 108 126 307

Fri Night 25/1 – Sat Morning 26/1 (Australia Day)
12am – 4am
Sat Night 26/1 – Sun Morning 27/1
11pm – 4am
Sun Night 27/1 – Mon Morning 28/1 (Public Hol)
10pm – 2am

It is important that the growers/senders are responsible for sending their stock on Australia day. Previous Australia days there were a substantial number of claims made against several transports for stock that was delivered and not put away for 24 hours. We will be unloading and delivering stock based on the manifests so we must emphasize the importance of getting written confirmation from the sender when the stock is to be received. With delivery dates direct from the grower it protects both the carrier and FUS.
We have NO cool room facilities available for Australia day.